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Brain Acupuncture Academy, is the training and education site for the colleagues who are interested of brain ralated knowledge, acupuncture techniques such as scalp acupunctue and Dao-qi techniques, and clinical treatments. 

The academy provides following services: 


Oncoming courses and Conference talk with Prof. Dr. Tianjun Wang:


Scalp Aupuncture small group workshop highlighs:


Acupuncture for Brain (Diploma course)

1) TCM has Brain, foundation of TCM Brain theory
2) Scalp acupuncture
3) Dao-qi acupuncture techniqe and other related techniques 
4) Depression and Anxiety, Sleep Disorders

5) Stroke and Dementia
6) Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
7) Chiildren brain diseases, Autism and ADHD
8) Migraine and Tinnitus
9) Other brain related conditions
10) Review,workshop and assessment


Recently past courses:

15th September Governor Vessel is the Channel of Brain---Brain Meridian, BAcC Conference 2019, UK

22rd September Scalp Acupuncure workshop, Ilford London UK (Fully booked)

4-5th Oct: Governor Vessel is the Channel of Brain and its clinical practice. 5th American TCM conference Los Angelus USA. 

6th July Scalp Acupuncture workshop, York UK

27-29th May: Acupuncture for Brain Conditions. Kuala Lumpur Malasia 

13-14 June: Scalp Acupuncture Shenzhou Open University Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

23 June: Scalp acupuncture small group workshop Ilford London 

29-30th June: Acupuncture for Brain--Mental diseases. Frankfort Germany 

31st March: Basic Scalp Acupuncture small group workshop. London UK

17th Feb: Advanced Scalp acupuncture small group workshop (Fully booked)

22-24th Feb: Acupuncture for Brain conditions (Cork Ireland)

2-3rd March: Acupuncture for brain care: Central Neurological diseases. Zurich, Switzerland. 

13th Jan 2019: Scalp Acupuncture. London UK (Fully booked)

19-20 Jan 2019: Acupuncture for brain care: Central Neurological diseases. Frankfort Germany 

10th Feb: Scalp acupuncture charitable workshop, Manchester the UK 

29-30 Nov: Dao-qi acupuncture technique. Amsterdam Netherlands 

1st Dec: Acupuncture for Brain care. Stcokholm Sweden 

19-21st Nov Acupuncture for Brian care. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

28-29th April Dai qi acupuncutre technique and Depression Portugal 

21-22 April: Brain qi. Athens Greece

11th March Abdominal Acupuncture workshop, Bristol UK

15th March Abdominal Acupuncture small group workshop Ilford London

18th March Scalp Acupuncture workshop, London UK


Scalp Acupuncture (small group One day workshop): Sunday 28th Jan 2018 lford London 

Scalp Acupuncture workshop: 22-23 Feb 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands


*Scalp Acupuncture (small group One day workshop): Sat 2nd Dec 2017 Ilford London

*Brain Qi--The new thought of Brain. Detch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference. Sat 18th Nov. Numspeed Nethlands.


*Scalp Acupuncture (small group One day workshop): Wed 9th Aug 2017 London. 

*Scalp Acupuncture (small group One day workshop): Sunday 16th July 2017 London. (Fully booked)

*Scalp Acupuncture (two-day workshop): 17/18 June 2017 Cork Ireland.  

*TCM Brain theory and its clinical application. 8/9 April Portugal.
*Advanced acupuncture for mental diseases. 29/30 April 2017. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
*Scalp Acupuncture (two-day workshop) 4/5th March 2017. England. East Grinstead, West Sussex.
13/08/16 New Understanding of the Brain and Clinical Application in TCM in Manchester
14/08/16 Advanced Acupuncture for Depression in Manchester
Above two are all running at Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine 52-54 Washway Road, M33 3QZ Sale, Cheshire
Scalp Acupuncture 28-29/05/16 Guys hospital, London feedback from participants:
_**'Dr Tianjun Wang is a very inspiring teacher, and a very good speaker' **'The enthusiasm and knowledge of the tutor, excellent!'** **'Very clear explanation and lot of diagrammed slides' ** _** *Acupuncture treatment for Gynecological conditions 10-11/03/16 Amsterdam.
*Acupuncture for depression 22/03 Southend -on-sea**
*Daoqi acupuncture technique 26/03 Acupuncture for depression
• The Patterns of the Brain and their TCM treatment
• Scalp Acupuncture--
• The new understanding of the Brain in TCM and its clinical application--
*New brain theory and its application for gynaecological diseases-- *


Feedback of CPDs and trainings Daoqi(Guiding Qi) workshops

• Wonderful seminar day! Wonderful modern medical Chinese! Magic hands with Energy!
• When insert before 20mm just normal local de qi sensation, about 30mm the numbness and warm feeling rising to top of head and comfortable.
• Dao qi, dose of needling, timing, spaces are Ingenious combination
• I treated patient of alcohol addiction with dao qi and it was great.
• A 17-girl with stress and depression because of hard study more that one year. Normal acupuncture treatment was not so good. After add dao qi on Du 16, she was much relax in the school and could focus on study.
• I tried to treat a patient with higher prolactin with dao qi on Du 16, after a week it was much less now. Before dao qi it was very difficult to reduce it.
• I’ve enjoyed your session last week end and I felt that I have gained another skill.

Scalp Acupuncture Seminal /workshop

Thank you very much for a most wonderful course on scalp acupuncture yesterday. So inspiring and excellent teaching—Rita