Testimonials for TJ Acupuncture Ilford Essex

Alcohol addiction 

After my first treatment I feel not to drink at all. This is after my first acupuncture. I feel very fresh of good. I have been drinking for the past 35 years. 
The acupuncture has helped me a lot.
J. P (05/09/17)


Asthma and Allergy

I have asthma and allergy. I allergy to drug and egg. Dr Wang is doing acupuncture for me and is help when I get allergy reaction, I get less reaction now. I am only 8 years old and my friends are very proud of me taking acupuncture.
B ( 8 years old)


Anxiety Panic Attacks

I suffer from depression, anxiety panic attacks and I come to dr wang for 3 three months now and I start to fell much better, but my work is stressful. I heard good things about dr Wang, I will tell to everyone to need help to come here.

Brain fogging

I have had ongoing "brain fogging" sensations for nearly 3 years. I have had every test imaginable which have always come out clear.
I first met TJ six weeks ago and have noticed huge improvements after 5 sessions.
I have much less feller episodes and am extremely happy about dr TJ has helped me.
T.W (08/12/2017)


Severe shoulder and back pain

After a problem with my left shoulder and not being ? To sit down for a week due to a trooped nerve, I came to see dr wang for my first ever session.
After 20 minutes I was dressed and to normal I am back after my next session to complete my health I am  awful happy to have meet with dr Wang. 
P.l (21/09/17)

Stroke with sleep and mood problems

I am just about to have my tenth session with dr Wang. I have found that My energy levels has greatly improved. And my sleeping patterns has improved. I am now sleeping like a baby.
I also want to add I have noticed my mood has been much better. There is near no sighs. I had a stroke and I haven't even noticed weaken in my right side. 
I am very pleased. Thanks you dr Wang 
B. W(21/09/17)

UTI (urine tract infection)

I have been suffering from UTI for more than 10 years. After taking a lot of antibiotics , we did an ultrasound done and the doctor told me I had bladder retention. There only advice was to put a pacemaker so the bladder emptied. I have came to prof dr Wang with this problem and after 5 sessions I feel much better. I hope that by continuing I will recover fully and no require a pacemaker..thanks prof dr Wang for everything. 
Note: I don't have pain in my lower stomach and I have stopped take antibiotic for more than a week and still no infection, no swell. I have not catheterized myself for a day now. Yesterday the doctor was supervised to see that I did not have an infection.. thanks again for all your help. I am sure that my bladder will start its normal function shortly with your help. 
M.P (14/09/2017)


Brainstem Stroke 

I had a stroke about 3 months ago and my balance has been gone 80%. We attend to dr Wang for about 1 and 1/2 months now and my balance come back almost completely. My mood improved a lot. I am much myself--happy and can see the bright side of the world. 
I was sick for 2 months after my stroke every day, that has completely gone. My energy level came back as I am a happy man.
So Dr Wang's treatment worked very well for me, so I can recommend him to you. 
Mr K.B (14/08/17)



I had a stroke and I have a cancerous tumor. Dr Wang is treating me for the stroke at the moment. 
I received employment support allowance, so dr Wang has given me several free treatments
I have made good improvements since only having 4 sessions at the treatments. My speech has come back to normal, and my enough level has improved, even my mood has improved as well.
I am thankful that dr Wang has given me this treatment. I am definitely make good progress. 
Thank you dr Wang. 
B.W (13/07/17)


Neck pain:

“Professor Wang Tianjun is awesome! Today I witnessed the most powerful acupuncture treatment in just a couple of minutes. A tearful girl came to clinic begging us to help ease her acute neck pain. TJ needled Luozhen, and within TWO minutes she had regained FULL movement. TJ just shrugged his shoulders, saying humbly that he always did this in his hospital in China. Tianjun, I salute you!”----Jo

Bell’s Palsy 

All, I like to share my experience with everyone on my time in receiving treatment via acupuncture from Dr. Wang. This was back in 2013, I came down with an acute case of Bell’s Palsy ( facial paralysis, right side of the my face), through normal western techniques recovery was possible but would not restore my facial movement back to 100%, but until I was recommended to see an acupuncturist which through this eastern technique I had my facial movement back to 100%, this did take a few visits to Dr. Wang. The most important part of my whole experience is that I was made very comfortable during each session and Dr. Wang was very attentive and reassuring. I would recommend Dr. Wang any time, any day and surely would use him again if ever required.-----Yang


"At the first session I was feeling particularly heavy, like there was a grey cloud hanging over my heart. As Dr Wang needled Du 16 I felt the energy rise almost immediately and I began to laugh. The heavy cloud lifted. I felt the energy rise upwards to the top of my head around Du20. It was quite an intense and also relieving experience”-C.B

Stroke with Coma 

"this is bonus for us" “we see the light in the tunnel”


Lymes Disease

25 April 2016 Case Study I contacted Dr Tian Jun Wang after a friend recommended me. I have Lymes Disease- contracted by a infected tick, I have been bitten twice, once five years ago which seemed to be treated and dealt with, but then I was bitten a second time two years ago. This was mis-diagnosed for about five months. Within this time the disease kicked in and started to effect my body and immune system. The symptoms I experienced at this time were extreme tiredness and fatigue, a very achey body and muscles especially within my legs and knees so much so that I remember a few times I just had to lie down and could not move for hours. I lost my appetite, started to loose weight, my mood was low, I was finding it hard to concentrate, was getting confused and I was not sleeping well. Although the Lymes disease slowed down and halted after some medical treatment. It could not repair the damage it had already done to my body. I still experienced symptoms but they were a lot less extreme. I noticed if I let myself get too tired it would really effect me, my immune system seemed to be a lot more susceptible to illness and I was generally not my usual energetic self. I tried numerous ways to rebuild my immune and health but nothing seemed to show improvement. I then tried acupuncture, I had ten sessions in total alongside herbal medication. Through out this time I slowly began to feel a lot better- my appetite returned, I was no longer achey and I had a lot more energy, my quality of sleep was a lot better, with no disturbances, and my mood became more positive, I was finally starting to feel like I used to. Every time I had a acupuncture I was treated with warmth, care and kindness, I felt I was listened to and every treatment was focused and adapted for my individual needs. I can not explain how it worked but it did. After all the treatment I received I am now back to my normal self. Now I have completed my treatment I am conscious to listen to my body, keep a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise along with good quality rest/sleep. I believe I would not of got to his point without the treatment I received. The warm welcome I received has made me feel if I did feel in anyway like I was regressing I know I could always go back knowing I would receive a very high level of care and treatment. I would highly recommend Dr TianJun Wang’s treatment to everyone,you will not be disappointed with the care and results. Emma


Lower Back Pain (spondyolistthesis)

Last month I completed an all-day, 13.5 mile yomp in the walkers’ Paradise of Weardale which culminated in scrambling up the sides of the stunning Cauldron Snout waterfall. Not such a major achievement, perhaps for a relatively fit, 66 year-old regular rambler. But the fact is that just over a year ago I could barely walk to the local shops without doubling up in pain. At its worst, I couldn’t walk for more than 100 yards at a stretch and had to ask random passers-by for assistance. My condition, diagnosed as Grade 1 spondy/olistthesis with a circumferential disc prolapse, was an age-related contraction of the vertebrae in my lower back – leading to major pressure on the nerves between them. Conventional treatment – primarily ever more powerful painkillers – proved ineffective. As did a course of treatment with an experienced and highly-qualified chiropractor. It seemed like I had two options. First, do nothing, live with the problem and deal with the inevitable shift to a more sedentary lifestyle. Or risk extremely an extremely uncomfortable surgical intervention with a 30 per cent failure rate and a minimum recovery period of six weeks. Not an attractive proposition. But help was at hand. On the advice of my chiropractor I approached acupuncturist Wang Tianjun. TJ, as he is known, has more than 26 years’ experience and is a leading member of the British Acupuncture Council. His approach was considered, pragmatic and informative. He explained at the outset that acupuncture does not work for everyone. However, my initial scepticism was completely overcome through a series of eight 20-minute treatments – beginning with electro-acupuncture – which involved no discomfort, but which produced an astonishing result. Within a matter of weeks I was again able to undertake 7.5 mile hikes with no fears of breaking down midway through. And as well as testing times in the North of England a six-day walking holiday in Catalonia is now on the cards. Following success with my back problems I have subsequently sought TJ’s assistance with a long-term – and seemingly intractable – bronchial problems. His acupuncture treatment – complemented by a herbal preparation blended for me according to TJ’s specific instruction – proved equally effective. I now have acupuncture “top-up sessions every 3 months or so to ensure there is no recurrence of my spinal pain. Once a Doubting Thomas I now have absolute confidence in TJ and would have no hesitation in consulting him should further health problems arise. DE – July 2016

Feedback of CPDs and trainings Daoqi(Guiding Qi) workshops

• Wonderful seminar day! Wonderful modern medical Chinese! Magic hands with Energy!
• When insert before 20mm just normal local de qi sensation, about 30mm the numbness and warm feeling rising to top of head and comfortable.
• Dao qi, dose of needling, timing, spaces are Ingenious combination
• I treated patient of alcohol addiction with dao qi and it was great.
• A 17-girl with stress and depression because of hard study more that one year. Normal acupuncture treatment was not so good. After add dao qi on Du 16, she was much relax in the school and could focus on study.
• I tried to treat a patient with higher prolactin with dao qi on Du 16, after a week it was much less now. Before dao qi it was very difficult to reduce it.
• I've enjoyed your session last week end and I felt that I have gained another skill.

Scalp Acupuncture Seminal /workshop

 Thank you very much for a most wonderful course on scalp acupuncture yesterday. So inspiring and excellent teaching---Rita - _"Dr Tianjun Wang is a very inspiring teacher, and a very good speaker"- The enthusiasm and knowledge of the tutor, excellent!' '- Very clear explanation and lot of diagrammed slides'

Improved Wrist-Ankle acupuncture

 I learnt a lot; 'A great deal of value.The combination of acupuncture techniques with Clinic practice. A lot better than expected'