Testimonal for Lymes Disease

Case Study

I contacted Dr Tian Jun Wang after a friend recommended me.
I have Lymes Disease- contracted by a infected tick, I have been bitten twice, once five years ago which seemed to be treated and dealt with, but then I was bitten a second time two years ago. This was mis-diagnosed for about five months.
Within this time the disease kicked in and started to effect my body and immune system. The symptoms I experienced at this time were extreme tiredness and fatigue, a very achey body and muscles especially within my legs and knees so much so that I remember a few times I just had to lie down and could not move for hours. I lost my appetite, started to loose weight, my mood was low, I was finding it hard to concentrate, was getting confused and I was not sleeping well.
Although the Lymes disease slowed down and halted after some medical treatment. It could not repair the damage it had already done to my body. I still experienced symptoms but they were a lot less extreme. I noticed if I let myself get too tired it would really effect me, my immune system seemed to be a lot more susceptible to illness and I was generally not my usual energetic self. I tried numerous ways to rebuild my immune and health but nothing seemed to show improvement.

I then tried acupuncture, I had ten sessions in total alongside herbal medication. Through out this time I slowly began to feel a lot better- my appetite returned, I was no longer achey and I had a lot more energy, my quality of sleep was a lot better, with no disturbances, and my mood became more positive, I was finally starting to feel like I used to. Every time I had a acupuncture I was treated with warmth, care and kindness, I felt I was listened to and every treatment was focused and adapted for my individual needs.

I can not explain how it worked but it did. After all the treatment I received I am now back to my normal self. Now I have completed my treatment I am conscious to listen to my body, keep a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise along with good quality rest/sleep. I believe I would not of got to his point without the treatment I received. The warm welcome I received has made me feel if I did feel in anyway like I was regressing I know I could always go back knowing I would receive a very high level of care and treatment. I would highly recommend Dr TianJun Wang's treatment to everyone,you will not be disappointed with the care and results. Emma